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PTSO Objectives

  • To advance the well being of youth in all spheres of their growth and development.
  • To encourage a relationship between home and school so that parents and teachers may work together closely and intelligently.
  • To provide services to the school supporting the academic success and personal growth of our students.
  • To sponsor and financially support activities and programs needed by the school community.
  • To develop united efforts between educators and the general public in order to secure for every child the highest advantages in education.

What You Do Matters!

Did you know that parents have a significant effect on their children's education? It's true! Good education isn't just about teachers and school-- what you do as a parent really counts.

There have been hundreds of research studies on parents and school, and they all show the same thing: when parents get involved in their children's education, great things happen. Among them: grades go up, test scores rise, and behavior improves.

In addition, children with involved parents are more likely to pass their classes, graduate, and further their education after high school.

When parents, teachers and students work together, amazing things happen! 
The strength and success of the MAHS PTSO and our students depend on you!

MAHS Flyer about the open house on July 28.
MAHS Flyer showing principal and assistant principals
MAHS Flyer about counselors and chromebooks
MAHS Flyer - Get involved

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